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Our Signature Programme

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6D Manifestation

Unlocking the Codes of Creation

Finally understand what it means to BE the Creator of your own Reality

Learn the powerful tools and techniques that have helped our clients to Rewrite Soul Contracts, EXPLODE INTO THEIR SPIRITUAL GIFTS, attract Soul Mate clients, download potent Soul Purpose driven programmes within their Business (with immediate success), manifest free vacationscreate £25k weeks in Business,

QUANTUM LEAP, craft conscious, powerful, intimate, LOVING Relationships and literally learn to RECODE the Blueprints of their Reality.

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6D Programme Testimonial_edited.jpg

I see you beautiful soul.


You know you're meant for more.

You know you're here to create a life of Abundance and Purpose,

but you have no idea how!

You've read the books, you've done the vision boards, you've had Abraham Hicks on repeat for as long as you can remember... But it no longer feels like Magic.

Crystal ball

Your desires aren't manifesting the way they used to. If they even manifest at all, it's inconsistent or short lived and you find yourself wondering... is this Manifestation stuff even real?

You feel stuck... frustrated... and the Fear begins to kick in as you begin to wonder

"When will it happen for me?"

I feel you babe- I've been there! But trust me, this means you're right at the edge of something incredible...

You're not experiencing another Dark Night of the Soul- You're actually Levelling Up!

You're stepping into the Adult Phase of Manifestation.

But in order to fully step into this Phase and Create at this level, you need to understand the secret of harnessing the Duality of your Human and Multidimensional Self.

You need to get to know yourself AS THE UNIVERSE.

Holding ball close up stretch no face_edited.jpg

You cognitively understand that you are
The Creator of Your Reality.

But are you really embodying the Power of that Truth?

Imagine the shifts you would experience in your
income, in your body, in your love life
if you were TRULY harnessing this power

really beginning to live as if


Imagine the level of Peace you would feel, the Magic you would Create as you begin to truly witness your Power to rewrite your reality in any way you wish.

6D Manifestation Into website.png

Unlock the secrets to Adult Phase Manifestation through this Multidimensional approach that has helped our clients to;

Explode into their Spiritual Gifts

Download Soul-Aligned Powerful Signature Programmes in their Business

Attract Soul Mate clients

Rewrite their Soul Contracts

Quantum Leap

Manifest Money

(and Free Trips)

Design the intimate relationship of their dreams

And become Conscious Architects of their Reality

Many Manifestation programmes are still rooted in the OLD PARADIGM of 5D consciousness.

But this dramatically dilutes your Co-Creative Power.

We are at the leading edge of a NEW PARADIGM; some of us are ready for 6D.

6D Manifestation is the only course of it's kind; the only course that teaches you to step from 5D consciousness (Adolescent Phase Manifestation) into 6D consciousness (Adult Phase Manifestation).

With the power of The Galayla Collective, Leanne assists you to step into the FULLNESS OF YOUR POTENTIAL through harnessing the power of the Multidimensional and Human Self.

You will receive powerful energetic activations from the Multidimensional Galayla Collective and will be taught to 'take out the middle man', cutting right to your Power as Source energy (as the Universe) so that you can begin manifesting at this level.

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Unlock the secrets of Energetic Mastery; stop seeking external validation and begin taking powerfully guided Aligned Action towards the Abundance you desire.

Learn how master your internal world through the powerful 6th Dimensional Process of Manifestation so that you can truly begin to consciously CoCreate your external reality with clarity and precision.

Untitled design.png
Untitled design (3).png

Become your own Divine Channel as you learn to harness the power of your Multidimensional self and receive Soul-aligned information that assists you to Recode the blueprints of your 3D reality.

Untitled design.png

Learn to navigate the crucial point in Manifestation where most people fail so that you can break through the blocks presented by your Human Self and begin to master CoCreation.

Unleash your potential

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Are you ready to FINALLY understand what it means to Be the Creator of your Reality, so you can finally access this Power and begin crafting the Life of your dreams?

Book in for a Free Discovery Call with Leanne
to discuss the next steps in your 6D Manifestation Journey

Your Dream Life won't write itself

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