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Meet Leanne Rose!

Trans-Channel for
The Galayla Collective
and Soul Abundance Activator

Leanne is a Healer, Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Multidimensional Channel.

Her Soul Purpose Mission involves assisting other Souls to access the Abundance of Magic available to them in any given moment, through embodying the Truth that they are Source Energy itself, experiencing itself in Human Form.

This involves helping Souls bridge the gap into 6th Dimensional Consciousness (and beyond!) and helping them to finally discover what it means to be

the Creators of their own Reality...

She does this with the help of the Multidimensional Collective Consciousness that she channels;

The Galayla Collective.

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Who are The Galayla Collective?

Higher Vibrational Consciousness

The Galayla Collective are an Interdimensional Collective Consciousness that communicate through Leanne.

"We are Source Energy, communicating with you, who are also Source Energy, to help you awaken to the Truth that you are Source Energy." 

The Galayla Collective describe themselves as the Frequencies of Source Energy that hold the intention of helping Source to awaken and experience itself. For us as humanity, this means they are here to assist with the Collective step in consciousness from 5D to 6D (and beyond). They do this  through high vibrational energetic activations and sharing Divine Wisdom to assist us on our path to discovering our Highest Truth, reminding us that we are all unique expressions of Source Energy and our purpose here is to CREATE as well as to EXPERIENCE.

" You are Magic,
pretending to be Human."

-The Galayla Collective

They may hold the secrets to Unlocking the Codes of Creation but they are extremely loving, humorous and always up for a gab! They enjoy engaging in humour and will often crack jokes (much to Leanne's embarrassment at times!)


Before Leanne delved into the full truth of their 'identity' (Source Frequency seeking to experience itself) , they had described themselves as being closely linked to the frequencies of Angelic Beings and Ascended Masters and when asked where they were from, would never identify with just one star system. They would describe their Collective as 'ever-growing and changing', made up of a range of different Oversouls and Frequencies from across the entire cosmos, interspersed between multiple dimensions. They always emphasised that it was their message that was important and not their heritage, reminding us that every single one of us is Source Energy itself and that our true Power can only be found within.

After integrating 6D Consciousness for a significant period of time, The Galayla Collective were finally able to reveal their true origins as Source Frequency to Leanne, as she began to dispel deeper and deeper levels of the illusion of separation within her own Human experience, which marked a significant step in her own journey into True Sovereignty.

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The Full Story

Leanne grew up with difficult circumstances, but always had a deep connection to the Magic that is interwoven within the fabric of 3D reality. She had a sense as a child that a Higher Power was guiding her in times of difficulty.Though her Trans-Channeling abilities didn't come online until her twenties, she has always  able to sense and interpret energy differently to most people, due to temporarily leaving her physical body at 3 months old after taking a seizure and drowning in the bath.  A paramedic was able to resuscitate her at the scene, however the exposure to energy at such a young age (specifically, before she learned to speak) meant that Leanne was much more able to process the language of energy in a way that can be used to help others bridge the gap from the Multidimensional Self, to the Human Self.​



Leanne spontaneously began to channel during a Meditation in her early twenties. After discovering this experience was actually her channelling ability waking up, she later went on to train in energy management and blended channelling. She began to Trans-channel the Galayla Collective in early 2022 (another unexpected, but exciting, event!) and this is when she began to recognise her true purpose here on Earth as she began to birth the New Paradigm of Manifestation with the help of The Galayla Collective; the 6th Dimensional Process of Manifestation. Though this process began to come through with huge clarity this year, Leanne now realises she has been preparing for this her entire life, with each and every piece mapped out before she even incarnated into the 3D.Leanne now helps souls to step into this Magic for themselves and discover their own true connection as expressions of Source Energy and Creators of their Own Reality.


Connection to The Galayla Collective

Though Leanne is always connected to The Galayla collective, she is much more able to access the height of their wisdom (and the power of their energetic frequency) when she is Trans- Channelling. When Trans-Channelling, she allows her own consciousness to 'recede' to make space for The Collective to enter and flow through her . The Galayla Collective hold an extremely high frequency and so it physically alters her body to allow this process to happen- you will notice that certain parts of her body will continuously move throughout the Channelling. These are all simply physical manifestations of holding such a high vibrational frequency in a Human Body!The consequence of this high vibrational frequency can also be felt by those interacting with The Galayla Collective; it is naturally very purifying and activating. The Galayla Collective have revealed that almost 80% of their interactions and transmissions are happening energetically (meaning the knowledge and wisdom we receive from their words is only 20% of what we are actually receiving- there is all kinds of energy healing/purification/realignment happening in the background for our highest good!)​

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