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My experience was way beyond what I had imagined.
It felt like I had access to pure truth, which is what my soul has been seeking all my life. It was amazing to get confirmation and clarity on some things I’ve wrestled with for so long.”

Precision Alchemy

Single Sessions

Powerful single session with Leanne Rose and The Galayla Collective to help you step more into the truth that YOU are Source Energy, giving you greater mastery of your ability to Consciously Create your Reality

Detailed Fear Frequency Analysis

Get clear on what is holding you back, and why, so you can powerfully realign your energy to Create the Reality you desire.

Highly Personalized Multidimensional Activations

We help you to pinpoint Core Energetic Imbalances with Laser precision, and provide powerful Energetic support and realignment, so you can dramatically open your own connection to Source (your Channel) and increase your capacity to receive the Abundance you desire

1 hour via Zoom | £397

Portions of this investment can be used off bigger programmes, please email us for details @


Source Frequency Activation

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Powerful 90 minutes long healing session Led by Leanne

with Channeled Healing and Support throughout, from The Galayla Collective.

Get to the CORE issue at play in life so you can alchemise and transmute these dense energies and move forward with

 confidence, clarity and a clear sense of Purpose.

Reconnect to your own Inner Power and clear your own connection to Source so that you can learn to Trust your Intuition and access a life of Peace, Joy, Love and Abundance.

We dive deep into the heart of the matter and work at the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual level to help you gain the clarity you need to Transmute the pieces that are holding you back from your Highest potential.

Portions of this investment can be used off bigger programmes, please email us for details @


Multidimensional Healing

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A detailed, deep dive into one thing you are wanting to

Manifest (in any area) with Leanne.

Leanne will draw on 6D Manifestation principles, such as helping you to balance your Masculine and Feminine Energies, to help you identify the key blocks that are throwing you out of Alignment. Identifying these blocks will open up your channel to higher guidance so that you can move forward with the aligned action needed to alchemize your desire.

Includes Card pulls and Channeled guidance.

(Please note: This does not involve Leanne Trans-Channelling The Galayla Collective.)

Alignment Alchemy Session


The 1:1 Soul Journey

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The 6D Manifestation Accelerator

Go beyond the simple realms of 'Healing'  to access all levels of your Multidimensionality with this highly personalised 5 month Soul Journey, returning home to the TRUTH that YOU ARE SOURCE.

Discover how to UNLOCK the CODES of CREATION and activate the highest frequencies of LOVE, JOY, ABUNDANCE and FREEDOM right now, so you can Consciously Create your dream Reality in your real 3D world

(in a very REAL and TANGLIBLE way!)

"An explosion of growth- I doubled my client base!"

6D Manifestation Accelerator Testimonials

The 6D Manifestation Accelerator is a powerful and intensive 5-month, Soul Journey with The Galayla Collective and Leanne Rose. 

Highly personalized, this Journey will take you far beyond the realms of simple 'Healing' and will show you how to access all levels of your Multidimensionality so you can Master your Energetics, achieve Abundance, Bliss, Freedom, Joy and Peace RIGHT NOW, whilst steadily paving the way to unleashing your limitless potential as an Individual Element of Source and the Creator of your entire Reality.

This personalised Soul Journey is for you if:

  • You have a burning desire to unleash your unlimited potential

  • You're ready to experience tangible, REAL LIFE Magic

  • You're ready to tap into the Power of True Energetic Mastery, reclaim your Sovereignty and finally embody the truth that YOU are Creating your own Reality.

  • You have a deep felt sense that you are destined to make a great impact on the planet and you are READY to do the work to make it happen

  • You're ready to take a deep inner journey of radical Self Love and Trust to unleash your own Unique Magic as an Individual piece of Source Energy in Human Form

More Client Experiences

Upcoming Events

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