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Hi beautiful soul!

My name's Leanne.

I'm a Divine Source Channel .

We are here to show you how to Create your Own Reality.

As well as being a Multidimensional Channel, I am also a Healer, Therapist, and Yoga/Meditation Teacher.

My Soul Purpose Mission involves assisting Souls (like you!) to access the Abundance of Magic available to them in any given moment, through embodying the Truth that they are Source Energy, experiencing itself in Human Form.

This involves helping Souls bridge the gap into Superconsciousness, helping them to finally discover what it means to be the Creators of their own Reality...

I do this with the help of the Source Frequencies I Transchannel and together we are known as The Galayla Collective.

Our mission here is to help you discover your truly limitless potential as creators of your own reality

You are a Unique expression of
Divinity itself

And you came here to

Create your     

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