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Hi beautiful soul!

My name's Leanne.

I'm an Advanced Creation Consciousness mentor and
Source- Frequency Trans-Channel.

We are here to show you how to Create your Own Reality.

As well as being a Multidimensional Channel, I am also a Healer, Therapist, and Yoga/Meditation Teacher.

My Soul Purpose Mission involves assisting Souls (like you!) to access the Abundance of Magic available to them in any given moment, through embodying the Truth that they are Source Energy, experiencing itself in Human Form.

This involves helping Souls bridge the gap into 6th Dimensional Consciousness and beyond, helping them to finally discover what it means to be the Creators of their own Reality...

I do this with the help of the Interdimensional, Source Frequency, Collective Consciousness that I channel; The Galayla Collective.

Our mission here is to help you discover your true Power and Purpose as Human Beings

Join the 6D
Manifestation Journey

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The 6D Manifestation Accelerator

This is a 5-month intensive, private Soul Journey with The Galayla Collective and Leanne Rose. 

It is a personalized journey in how to master 6D Manifestation so you can Master your Energetics and Powerfully Create your Dream Reality

This personalised Soul Journey is for you if:

  • You have a burning desire to unleash your unlimited potential

  • You're ready to experience tangible, REAL LIFE Magic

  • You're ready to tap into the Power of True Energetic Mastery, reclaim your Sovereignty and finally embody the truth that YOU are Creating your own Reality.

  • You have a deep felt sense that you are destined to make a great impact on the planet and you are READY to do the work to make it happen

  • You're ready to take a deep inner journey of radical Self Love and Trust to unleash your own Unique Magic as an Individual piece of Source Energy in Human Form

You are a Unique expression of
Source Energy

And you came here to

Create your Reality

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Christa-website edits (3)_edited.png


Powerful single session with Leanne and The Galayla Collective to help you step more into the truth that YOU are Source Energy, giving you greater mastery of your ability to Consciously Create your Reality

Source Frequency Activation
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Dive into the world of 6D Manifestation! An introduction to the The Galayla Collective's teachings on how to become the CONSCIOUS Creator of your own Reality.

Unleash your Magic.

6D Manifestation Starter Kit
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Our 5 month personalised 6D Manifestation Accelerator teaches you how to Recode the Blueprints of your 3D Reality, as you Master your Inner World and step into True Sovereignty as the most Powerful and Authentic version of yourself.

6D Manifestation Accelerator
6D Manifestation Group Programme

More details coming soon!

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